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in Optical Technology

Scientific 3D Art & Visualization

I specialize in making computer-generated artwork for visualizing scientific concepts, mostly in the area of optics and photonics research. On this site, you can find a selection of older and newer 'artist's impressions' which I made for several different research groups. Next to (proposals for) cover illustrations of scientific journals, these images were for example used in publications, grant proposals and/or conference presentations.

A list of publications featuring my artwork can be found at the bottom of the page.

Journal cover art


Other scientific figures and illustrations

List of publications featuring my artwork

  • Santiago-Cruz, T.; Gennaro, S.D.; Mitrofanov, O.; Addamane, S.; Reno, J.; Brener, I.; Chekhova, M.V. Resonant metasurfaces for generating complex quantum states. Science 2022, 6609, 377, 991-995.
  • Ritter, F. (Max Planck Society). Metasurfaces offer new possibilities for quantum research
  • Neusser, D.; Sun, B.; Tan, W.L.; Thomsen, L.; Schultz, T.; Perdigon-Toro, L.; Koch, N.; Shoaee, S.; McNeill, C.R.; Neher, D.; Ludwigs, S.. Spectroelectrochemically Determined Energy Levels of PM6:Y6 Blends and their Relevance to Solar Cell Performance. J. Mater. Chem. C 2022, 10, 11565. (Inside front cover image)
  1. Uppu, R.; Midolo, L.; Zhou, X.; Carolan, J.; Lodahl, P. Quantum-dot-based deterministic photon-emitter interfaces for scalable photonic quantum technology. Nat. Nanotechnol 2021, 161308–1317.