Design, Visualization & Consulting

in Optical Technology

Optical System Development

I specialize in the development of optical measurement setups for laboratory environments. This includes the integration of existing components as well as the design of new mechanical parts. Furthermore, I develop integrated control software based on MATLAB™ and LabVIEW™.


Example: integrated bright-field/dark-field microspectroscopy setup

I am working on the development of bright-field/dark-field imaging/spectroscopy tools for New Technologies & Consulting. These instruments are used in nanomaterials research to investigate the optical response of single nanoparticles, and to track their response to external stimuli such as electric current or certain gases. Specifications and technical details can be found at

All images on this page show systems, components or software developed in cooperation with Nikolai Strohfeldt (


Overview of NT&C NanoMicroSpec system configurations


Screenshots of LabControl™ and SpectraAnalysis™ software developed for NT&C 

Examples of individual components developed for NanoMicroSpecsystems